If human beings can engineer rockets that fly to Mars and back, we can also design better ways of governing ourselves here on Earth.
Yet our political systems have not kept up with the rapid social and technological changes of the 21st century, and cling to convention rather than embrace experimentation and uncertainty. For many people, “democracy” is just a slogan rather than a lived experience. There is little if any real democratic decision-making in schools, workplaces, communities, and yes, governments.

Conversely, arts and design are relevant to political life only as branding and spectacle, while institutional arrangements are left untouched.

Democracy Creative is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit founded to model the truly democratic society we wish to see take root, one which:

  • Is guided by the needs, dreams, and voices of its citizens and not by the self-interest of its ‘representatives’

  • Recognizes that democracy is a continuously evolving process and not a static achievement of the past

  • Utilizes art and design to make self-governance relevant, dynamic, and beautiful (Not words typically used to describe C-SPAN)

  • Convenes regular assemblies of its citizens to engage in meaningful debate, planning, and conviviality

  • Is not governed by an unaccountable partisan elite, and where political parties are actually…parties!

In order to accomplish these ambitious goals, we are planting the seeds of a movement at VISIONSPACE, our community hub/workspace located in The Soda Plant in Burlington, Vermont, a city with a proud history of progressive politicking.

We organize projects, host art exhibitions, discussion groups, craft markets, meetings, and performances — as well as provide office space for individuals and local nonprofits aligned with our mission.

There is a lot to be depressed about these days. But by rediscovering the radical promise of self-government we can channel our individual despair into collective action.